Birth Parents whose children have been adopted Conference

Adoptionplus supporting birth parent conference

Supporting Birth Parents Conference

On Tuesday 17th September we will be holding a conference to share research linked to the therapeutic support for birth parents of adopted children. This event is suitable for anyone interested in the establishment and provision of effective therapeutic support services for birth parents whose children have been adopted.

Event Information:

Date: Tuesday 17th September 2019, 1.00pm-5.00pm
Location: Sculpture Gallery, Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire.
Entrance Fee: £50.00 +VAT per person

Our Guest Speakers:

This is a research based conference, with speakers coming from the forefront of their respective fields. The main goal is to inform and discuss the development of therapeutic support services; aiming to share research that spotlights the needs of birth parents whose children have been adopted. Our guest speakers are all specialists in this field, and are influential in informing adoption and social care related practice.

Professor Beth Neil
Professor of Social Work and Director of Research for the School of Social Work, University of East Anglia.
Contact after Adoption research - implications for birth relative support.

Dr Lizette Nolte
Principal lecturer on the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Programme, University of Hertfordshire.
Key element and benefits of effective birth relative support - learning from the Adoptionplus approach

Claire Mason
Senior Research Associate, Centre for Child and Family Research in Lancaster University.
Vulnerable birth mothers and recurrent care proceedings and implications for birth parents support.

Tracy Morton
Adoption Manager, Bedford Borough Council.
The impact of effective birth relative counselling provision, from a local authority perspective.

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