Working With Local Authorities

Adoptionplus is committed to working in partnership with local authorities to address gaps in service provision and to explore the development of new approaches that improve services for children and families. We highly value our relationships with a large number of local authorities which make it possible for children and families to receive the quality services they need.

Feedback from local authorities shows they appreciate the quality of our work and value our innovative, flexible and creative approach.

“Adoptionplus is an outstanding agency to work with. Children, and the adults who care for them, are at the heart of all they do, and they do it well!”

Peter Stevens, North London Adoption & Fostering Consortium Manager, 2015


Adoptionplus Placement Service

Adoptionplus offers a comprehensive Therapeutic Adoption Placement service which is a real alternative to long term foster care.  We recruit, prepare and approve parents who are interested in children considered harder to place.

Alongside on-going adoption support, our placement service additionally offers families access to our Specialist Therapy Services, whenever it is needed throughout childhood and adolescence. We receive positive ratings from parents about the services we offer and they are consistently perceived to be helpful. We also use standardised measures for adults and children to monitor the effectiveness of the therapeutic support we provide. To date we have had no disruptions.

Where adoption is considered the best option for the child, but where a local authority may be finding it difficult to find a family, it is worth considering an Adoptionplus placement before revoking a placement order. 

Additionally, because a considerable element of our fee is linked to our therapeutic support package, a proportion of this fee may be recovered from the Adoption Support Fund.


Therapeutic Services

Developmental Trauma and Attachment Therapy Service

We offer therapeutic interventions which are based on a comprehensive and wide reaching clinical assessment of the needs of the family.

Our therapeutic approach involves parents and chil­dren together and promotes the development of healthy attachment relationships, integration of unresolved past trauma and improved regulation capacity.

Our therapy services are delivered by our multidisciplinary therapeutic team, led by a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, that includes Therapeutic Social Workers, Play Therapists, Assistant Psychologist, Mindfulness Therapists and a Paediatric Occupational Therapist; all of whom have extensive experience and training related to working in this field.

Some of the services available to families include:

·         Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

·         Theraplay®

·         Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for parenting stress

·         Neurodevelopmental Assessments

·         Developmental Trauma and Attachment Assessment

·         Therapeutic Life Story Work

·         Therapeutic parenting courses

·         Play Therapy

·         Sensory Processing

·         Specialist Work with Adolescents

We recommend that all referrals to our service start with one of our clinical assessments so that we can be clear about the individual needs of the family. Following this we can tailor a bespoke therapy package to the specific needs of each family, the cost of which will vary depending on the needs identified. Click here to link to our Therapy Services page.


The Adoption Support Fund

Many of the therapy services we provide are covered under the adoption support fund. 


Birth Relative Counselling Service

Adoptionplus has been providing a Birth Relative Counselling service to local authorities since 2004. Since that time we have been contracted to provide this service to 10 local authorities around the country. We have a team of male and female qualified counsellors who have extensive experience in this field. Our aim is to not only provide an emotionally helpful and supportive service, but to improve insight in order to change negative behavioural patterns. As this service works with people who are at high risk of having further children removed, we view this as a truly preventative service.

Click here to see what people had to say about our Birth Relative Counselling Service.


Special Guardianship

Our therapy teams are able to offer services to Special Guardians and Birth Parents whose children have been placed under a Special Guardianship Order. Our experience of working with children who have suffered developmental trauma, and their families, combined with our experience of delivering services to birth families, provides us with a considerable skill base to support families where children are placed under an SGO.


We welcome enquiries from local authorities interested in finding out more about any of our services.

Below is a list of the local authorities that have commissioned our services:


Barking & Dagenham
Bedford Borough
Central Bedfordshire


Milton Keynes
Western Bay
West Berkshire


Click here to read what OFSTED say about us.